Backuper Review

Backuper is the only plugin (as far I know) to offer automated cPanel backups, and does it quite well.

Most plugins will only backup your themes, uploads, plugin folder and WordPress database. But your hosting account contain much more than that, such as: logs, statistics, ¬†mails, forwarders, cron jobs etc. A complete cPanel backup contain all your account data but it’s not possible to automate backups (within cPanel), this is something you need to do manually …. or is it? Well, the Backuper WordPress Plugin actually manage to create cPanel backups automatically¬†according to your defined backup schedule.

The plugin seems very organized and offers the following features:

The overview shows the last and next backup date.

Backuper will send your backups to a remote FTP server – do not offer any other storage options, most likely because cPanel only works with FTP.

You need to type your cPanel login details. The details will be saved in a file instead of the database, should be more secure.

Select how often you wan’t to backup your website.
Click the light-blue frame to do an instant backup.

Check this box if you wan't to receive an email when your website has been backed up.

The Backuper plugin create it's own button in the main menu, which contain links to the different pages.

In the left menu you will find something called "My Backups". Clicking the link will display a page containing all your backups. You can choose to download or delete the backup files.


We are pretty excited about this plugin to be honest. I’m currently using it as my main backup plugin, mostly because I feel more secure by having a real cPanel backup instead of a custom created one. Maybe that’s just me being stupid, but that’s how it is :p

There is only one big “problem” with this plugin; You can only backup to an external FTP account. Would be nice to use S3, Dropbox or Google Drive – but that’s probably not going to happend unless cPanel decide to add those as alternative backup options within cPanel.

Download or read more here: